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Getting To Bhutan

 By Air

Druk Air, the national carrier, is the only airline that operates flights into Paro international airport. Druk Air operates a fleet of two Airbus 119 planes and Atr planes. Druk Air flies in and out of Bhutan from:


  • Bangkok (Thailand)


  • Delhi (India)


  • Kolkata (India)


  • Bagdogra (India)


  • Gaya (India)


  • Guwahati (India)


  • Kathmandu (Nepal)


  • Dhaka (Bangladesh)

During the monsoon season, unpredictable weather can disrupt flight schedules forcing delays. Travelers are therefore advised to include an extra day in their itinerary to accommodate such circumstances while planning to travel to Bhutan. For more information see theDruk Air websiteor ask us and we will happily explain further.


  By Road

If you wish to travel by road, you can also enter or exit Bhutan by road through the neighboring Indian states of Assam and West Bengal in south.

You can enter or exit through road from Phuntsholing Bhutan  a border town to India in the south- western part of the country which is about seven hour drive from Paro or Thimphu. The nearest airport from Phuntsholing is Bagdogra in India at the base of the foothills of Darjeeling and Sikkim between which you can drive overland taking about 05 hours approximately.

If you wish to journey accross the Eastern Bhutan which is not that explored till now could be entered by road through south- eastern town of Samdrup Jongkhar Bhutan which is about two hour’'s drive from Guwahati Airport in Assam. There are so many places of historical importance in east and not to forget its rich flora and fauna.